Hello I’m Matthew

I am a Systems Design Engineering graduate from the University of Waterloo with a passion for trying new things and expanding my knowledge of the world. I love solving technical problems and looking at the world through the eyes of an engineer in order to apply scientific concepts to real world issues.

From a young age I have been fascinated by aviation, and I am still captivated by anything that flies. I currently hold a private pilot’s license and insturment rating and fly whenever the opportunity arises. In high school I applied this passion and expanded my technical skillset by building and piloting all kinds of drones, from flying wings to hexcopters. I enjoyed spending hours in my makeshift workshop crafting and refining my fleet.

In middle school I began learning the basics of programming, a skill which I have honed through work experience and formal education. At a young age I was fascinated by the possibilities offered by computers and software, and have been lucky to apply these technologies to all of my recent projects.